I've always had an interest in spiritual teachings since I was a child. When I discovered one of my father's old yoga books in the back of the closet, I felt something shift in me. I knew the practice of yoga had physical benefits but I had never imagined that the body could move in such graceful ways or that breathing techniques could improve your thoughts, provide practical tools for changing old patterns of behavior and give an enhanced sense of well-being. I fell in love with the practice almost immediately. Many of us hold emotions within the physical body and through the poses (asanas) I was able to feel more balanced, more grounded, just more present in my daily activities. It didn't take long to notice the wonderful effect that a steady yoga practice was having on my life, the connection to stillness within and the ability to focus much more deeply on my goals. That spark happened over thirty years ago and yoga still fills me with inner peace, fascination and a deep gratitude for all of my teachers and students. As I embraced a more yogic lifestyle it has become a way of life for me and I do my best to find a deep peace within myself daily.







      My main goal as a teacher of yoga is to simply share the practice as much as I possibly can to help people find there own bliss and to empower them to live the very best life that they can. Yoga has led me to India, Thailand and across this country to explore many other things like Thai massage, Qi Gong, Shiatsu, Swedish massage and to become a Reiki master but the study of yoga and meditation has always been central to my life. I've been lucky to have several great kundalini, hatha  and vinyasa yoga teachers along the way to help guide, inspire and encourage me. I will continue to be a student because I believe that there is always more to learn about understanding ourselves on a deeper level and connecting with the source of all things. It has been an amazing experience to share the benefits of yoga with thousands of students since I began teaching in 1995.                                                   Namaste, 
                                                         Stephen Moore
                                                                                            Stephen Moore is a certified yoga teacher. He holds classes in Hatha, Vinyasa and Kundalini Yoga. He is also a licensed massage therapist. Stephen's passion for yoga is what led him to teach and he has been teaching in New York City and New Jersey since 1996. His yoga classes integrate mindful alignment of the poses with proper breathing exercises, meditation and relaxation. His classes are attended by practitioners of all levels from novice to experienced.
    Stephen Moore currently holds weekly corporate yoga classes at several companies and health clubs, in addition to his in-depth one on one classes and workshops for those individuals who wish to deepen their practice and reach their personal goals.